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  • Chris George
    General Manager

    Chris George… what to say? He's our leader, our visionary, our mentor…

    But more importantly, he's krunk, he's dope, he's fresh and he will dab on all you haters.

  • Gerry Rich
    General Sales Manager

    Gerry Rich is our super talented General Sales Manager, and he is a truly unbelievable guy!  Literally!   Like,  he believes in nutty conspiracy theories!   Most recently, he told me was that the moon landing was totally fake!  Which is a pretty common conspiracy, I guess.  The theory is that Stanley Kubrick was tapped by NASA to create the phony moon landing footage to fool the Russians into believing we were winning the space race.  However, what Gerry told me is that while he does believe that Stanley Kubrick filmed the Apollo 11 moon landings for NASA, he believes that Stanley Kubrick, with his ridiculous relentless perfectionism chose to actually film the moon landing on the moon instead of a sound stage to get those perfect shots....

  • Tami Ashland
    Executive Agent
    619-444-7200 ext 1504

    Tami Ashland, the most organized person I know - she has this unique ability to bring a semblance of order and grace to a chaotic and rapidly changing system.  She sometimes reminds me of grease too - because things tend to run smoother and quieter when she's around.

  • Armen Arakelian
    Service Director
    619-444-7200 ext 1101

    Armen is a great guy, he has worked here 8 years.

  • Bradley Hanson
    Parts Manager
    619-444-7200 ext 1151

    Brad Hanson is one heck of a Parts Manager, but not the easiest guy to write a Biography for.   But I do know he likes rock music.  So I will leave an interesting tidbit about "War Pigs" here and call it a day.

    War Pigs: War pigs are pigs reported to have been used in ancient warfare as military animals, mostly as a countermeasure against war elephants.  According to legend, Alexander the Great learned about this "secret weapon" against war elephants from Porus in India.
    Pliny the Elder reported that "elephants are scared by the smallest squeal of the hog".  Historical accounts of incendiary pigs or flaming pigs were recorded by the military writer Polyaenus and by Aelian. The siege of Megara in 266 BC was broken when the Megarians doused some pigs with combustible pitch, crude oil or resin, set them alight, and drove them towards the enemy's massed war elephants. The elephants bolted in terror from the flaming, squealing pigs, often killing great numbers of their own soldiers by trampling them to death.

  • Michael Pridgeon
    Used Car Director

    Mike Pridgeon, Used Car Manager.   This guy….  What can I say about this guy?

    You ever meet someone and you are just in massive awe of them?  They are taller than you.  Better looking than you.  Smarter and funnier than you…  Well I bet that's probably what Mike thought when he met me.   AHAHAHA!   BURN!

  • Bryce Jurries
    Finance Manager
    619-444-7200 ext 1302

    Bryce can crack a walnut in his biceps - very strong guy.  Which is an amazing skill, and also the main reason why I eat peanuts.  I'm able to crack them open with my fingers!

  • Demetrio Tessada
    Finance Manager

  • Hootan Hosseini
    Sales Manager
    619-444-7200 x1222

    Languages spoken:

    Farsi & English

  • Bashar Qustanteen
    Assistant Sales Manager

    Languages spoken:

    Arabic & English

  • Javier "Javi" Valdes
    Assistant Sales Manager Team A

    In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as salesmen of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... The A-Team.  

  • Alyssa Garcia
    Business Development Manager
    619-444-7200 ext 1603

    Alyssa Garcia is the best!  She is well liked here by everyone.  Her main specialty is helping people connect with their spirit animal car.  Very friendly too!

  • Catherine Jones
    BDC Manager

    Catherine is our expert BDC Manager.  We think she is just the greatest BDC Manager out there.  Many people ask, "Hey what does BDC stand for anyway?"  Well, lets answer that question right now.  BDC is an acronym which means each of the letters represents a whole word.  I'll give you a hint, the "D" stands for Development and the "C" stands for Center.  Got it yet?  OK, I'll just tell you.  BDC stands for BDC Development Center.  Its a little redundant and silly, but so is this biography.  Why are you even still reading this?  Who's the silly one now?

  • Jessica Jurries
    Business Development Manager

    Jessica Jurries is a shining star of the BDC department.  Buying a car can be a stressful enterprise, especially if you're nervous about getting approved or being able to afford payments, or just getting the right car for your needs.  This is where the BDC department comes in.  You got questions?  They got answers.  And if they can't, feel free to hit up our Youtube page where we host non-live question and answer sessions.  Just ask your car purchase related question in the comments and you can get an answer direct from the GM!  That's legit!


  • Jessica Titus
    Business Development Manager

    Jessica Titus is the bestest best there is.  As a BDC Manager, part of her job is making sure your experience here at Team Mazda goes smoothly and without a hitch.   Sometimes that takes some preparation.  Buying a car can be stressful especially if you don't have perfect credit or the best financial situation.  But there's no need to be nervous!  We've been there before and we are specialists.  But that's not to say we don't get nervous.  Please check out the below video link with a short interview with our GM Chris George where he details the last time he was nervous.



  • Jori Quenga
    Business Development Manager

    Jori "Jo-Jo" Quenga.  A very high quality person and employee she has worked here for years in various roles that she has excelled at.  She's a hell of a dedicated worker.  Came into work once even though she was deaf in one ear.  I don't even come to work when I got the rum rums in my tum tums.

  • Adam Wolf
    Interwebs consultant / Inventory Manager

    • Awesome
    • Determined 
    • Also
    • Magnificent
    • Worker
    • Optimistic
    • Legendary
    • Fun worker

  • Alain Sebazco
    Sales and Leasing Consultant

    Alain is a great guy!  We all like him a lot.  He is super polite and trusting.  Sometimes we have to tell clients that he is actually a former Cuban Para-Military Sniper assassin just so they don't try to take advantage of him!

  • Emmanuel Garcia
    Sales Consultant

  • Fortunato Tassone
    Sales Consultant

    Franky Frank Fortunato is the best……..dancer.

    He's got the moves like jagger .

    He's got the moves like jagger.

    He's got the mooooo-oooooh-oooooh-ooooooooh-ooves like jagger!

  • Greg Banach
    Sales and Leasing Consultant

    This is Greg "Bob" Banach.  He's great.  We started calling him Bob because when he was hired we already had a Greg working here - So he became Bob.  Then the first Greg left.  Bob asked if we could call him Greg now that he is the only one.  We said no, because we just hired a new guy whose name happens to be Bob, and we were planning on calling him Greg.   And there can't be two Gregs, obviously…  that would just be silly.

  • Ishak Tayebi
    Sales Consultant

    Ishak is a fine gentleman and well liked.  I think he's great because once I posted something on the company's internal Facebook page and he went ahead and liked it.  That really meant a lot to me.  To Ishak and the the other guy (...Me) who liked my post - You're the real stars!  Shine on you crazy diamonds!  (Thank you, I will.)

  • Jennifer Keys
    Business Development Manager

    Jens a great gal and has a huge heart, loves pets too.  I remember one day a small white dog wandered into the dealership with no tags and no collar.  Because it was just a dog and had no means to buy a new or used car, there was a lot of talk about throwing the dog back on the street, or enrolling it in a dog fighting academy, or selling it on the dark web for a little extra scratch…. but NO, said Jen.  That's a dog, with a pure soul, and it deserves an owner with the same!  So she took the dog home, and has cared for it since.  True story, according to my memory.

  • Keelan Willison
    Sales Consultant

  • Paul Tatum
    Sales Consultant

  • Paul Thompson
    Sales Consultant

  • William Turbitt
    Sales Consultant

  • Rhonda Ruthenberg
    Office Manager
    619 444 7200 ext 1501

  • Georgina Payan
    Contracts Clerk

  • Zaina Pridgeon
    Customer Service Manager
    619-444-7200 ext 1107


  • Breanna Garcia
    Warranty clerk

  • Vanessa Tavizon

  • Karli Medina
    Customer Service Investigator

    A dedicated CSI forensic investigator at the El Cajon Customer Service Lab.  Dedicated to solving customer service issues. 

  • Sergio Naranjo
    Parts Counter

  • Dennis Bye
    Service Advisor Extraordinaire
    619 444 7200 ext 1103

    Dennis Bye is currently a Service Advisor Extraordinaire, but his first job here at Team Kia was in Quick Lube.   We've been proud to support him and his work over the years.  Things didn't go as well for Dennis when he was trying to be an astronaut at Kennedy Space Center.  They were not very supportive.  They would say things like "You're not qualified" and "Why are you naked?" and "I CAN'T CATCH HIM HE'S COVERED IN BABY OIL"

  • Jessica DeJurnett
    Service Advisor
    619-444-7200 ext 1102

  • Jon Fuller
    Service Writer

    One of our newest additions to the Service department is the illustrious Jon Fuller!  Boy are we glad he's working for us and not the competition.  This guy knows his stuff.  Inside the car.  Outside the car.  The parts on the inside of the car that help the parts on the outside of the car move around and do stuff - yeah he knows that.  But don't let this distract you from the fact that Hector is gonna be running 3 Honda Civic's with spoon engines.  On top of that he just came into Harry's and ordered 3 t66 turbo's with NOS's and a Motec System Exhaust.

  • William Carrasco
    Lead Mazda Technician

  • Spencer George
    Service Technician

  • Aaron Johnson
    Service Technician
    619 444 7200

  • Jonathan Schaffer
    Service Technician Team Leader
    619 444 7200

  • Duc Danny Du
    Service Technician
    619 444 7200

    Languages spoken:

    Vietnamese & English

  • Jesus Navarro
    Service Technician

    Jesus is our miracle worker!  He can fix anything!  Cars!  Trucks!  Car-Truck Hybrids that are part car and part truck and have hybrid drivetrains...  He's so amazing he can actually walk on water! (but only when it's frozen).

  • Yoshua Garcia
    Express Technician

  • Arnulfo Rodriguez
    Quick Lube Technician
    619 444 7200

  • Miguel Ramirez
    Express Service Technician - Assistant Team Leader